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“We believe in the capabilities of our youth and their commitment in the labor market, especially if they are given the appropriate capabilities and conditions to achieve the desired goals.”

Thabit Al Ghuzaili , CEO

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On-Job training program (Tamkeen)

It is one of the most important periodic initiatives launched by the company, through which we attract creative graduates or job seekers. Through it, the participant acquires many of the skills required for the labor market, as well as the specialized and technical skills that the participant acquires throughout the duration of the program.

TAMKEEN 5 comes with many improvements that keep pace with this stage, the most important of which are:
Program duration: 2 months
Financial allowance: 50 riyals per month without requiring a place of residence.
– Promotional activities for the subscriber.

What will the participant benefit from after the end of the training period:
Significant technical expertise and skill relevant to the field of training.
– Improving communication skills and communication with the other party.
Greater chance of employment in the company if a vacancy becomes available.
Experience / Training Certificate.

Program Duration: Jan 14 – Mar 14 2024


You can find out the required specializations below and submit an application